Shining Star is the yearly opportunity for the PWS community to reflect back love and support!

With your support we were able to raise a grand total of $27,348.

Take a look at a few fast facts about the Shining Star campaign:

– We raised a grand total of $27,348 for Prader-Willi Syndrome resources and services.

– 122 different families generously contributed towards our goal.

– 119 stars lit up the night sky with a total of 5 constellations completed. (Big Dipper, Leo, Hercules, Draco, Libra)

– 1 amazing community helped us continue the path towards a full life without limits!

This constellation was completed with donations made in honor of: Siena M. , Ethan W., Christie N., Haley K. (x3) , Max B., Oliver Y., Faith A., Lindsay W., Phyllis M., Julia L., Ryan C., Abigail F.


Third Completed Constellation: Draco


Second Completed Constellation: Leo. Consisting of donations made for: Nick P., Sara K., Erin M., Haley K., Jason C., Alexander P., Chuck M., Oliver Y., Julia L., Levi M., Hailey P., Max V.L, Raven M., and Nolan B.


First Completed Constellation: Big Dipper. Consisting of donations made for: Haley K., Gerhardt H., Sean R., Mila Rose F., Nicholas P., Ryan P., Maddox R., Christie N., Ryan C., Cameron G., Tristan H., and Duncan M.


Dedicate a star to your loved one by visiting: