We would like to share our sincere gratitude and appreciation for Jason Huck, who has completed his trek through the Andean Volcano region in Ecuador, raising $5,051.44 for PWS in the process!

Jason dedicated his trek to his nephew Pablo and to raising awareness for PWS. Below is a quote from his sister-in-law, Diana. “Dear Jason- Thank you very much for your continuous support. From the moment Jason met Pablo, he took the initiative to educate himself about the syndrome and how it would impact our family. His proactive approach has helped our family stay together and be able to celebrate holidays and special occasions without feeling ostracized. Thank you to Jason for helping raise funds to an organization that has supported us from the beginning. Diana and family.” Thank you, Jason!

You can watch a video of his trek by clicking here.   

Below are some photos from Jason’s journey through the Andean Volcano region.