PWSA | USA has released an article on their site regarding the newest COVID-19 vaccines and their importance to people with PWS.

“The types of vaccines now available against COVID-19 use mRNA technology.  This type of vaccine has been under development for many years and, unlike other immunizations, does not place a weak or inactive germ into the body, but instead teaches cells in our body to make an immune response that then produces antibodies which provide protection if exposed to COVID-19.

Given the scale of the pandemic with the impact upon lives and long-term health, experts from the US (FDA, CDC) and Europe (MHRA, EMA) have carefully reviewed data from very large clinical studies conducted by the vaccine developers and provided emergency authorization approval to expedite availability to the public.  Reported side effects from the vaccines currently available (Pfizer and Moderna) are rare, but their use in those with a history of severe allergies should be discussed with a medical adviser and possibly avoided.  Studies are currently underway looking at the safety of the vaccine in children.” Excerpted from the original article. Read the full article here.