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PWS Behavior Management Strategies: Beyond the Basics

May 21 | 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. | PWCF Offices | Redondo Beach

Need a refresher or need to learn more sophisticated PWS-specific behavior management strategies? This is the course for you!
This full-day Parent Conference will also benefit extended family members, babysitters, teachers, and residential providers. Anyone and everyone who interacts with someone of any age with PWS will find this in-depth, interactive workshop beneficial. Presented by Lisa Graziano, M.A.
Learn Effective Ways To:
  • Reduce Unwanted Behavior Outbursts!
  • Reduce Oppositional Behaviors & Power Struggles!
  • Learn Strategies to Address Excessive Talking, Repeated Questions, and Reduce Skin Picking!
  • Reduce Food-Related Battles!
  • Increase Cooperation!
  • Role Play Opportunities!

Light Lunch Provided for Training Registrants.

PWCF Members $40 per person  |  PWCF Couple $75   |   Non-Members $50 per person

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Limited childcare. Lunch not provided to childcare participants; please pack a healthy lunch and beverage.

Childcare PWCF Member $10 per child/adult   |   Childcare Non-Member $15 per child/adult

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