• Thumbdrive of our new Behavioral Management Video **Shipping available for U.S only.
  • *Shipping available for U.S only. PWCF and the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA) created this DVD to provide Residential Service Providers with critical information about how Prader-Willi syndrome impacts their residents. Viewed consecutively or independently, each of the ten sections addresses key areas, providing an overview of the subject matter and specific tools and strategies to improve the quality of life for residents and providers alike: Physiology, Home Set-Up, Psycho-social Management, Behavioral Management, Crisis Intervention, Communication Management, Weight Management, Family Involvement, Community Involvement, and Behavior Management Programs. Vocational Work Site providers, Day Program providers, and other care providers will find the information contained within this DVD most helpful. This concise production is designed to be used as a training tool for professional care providers. Working together, we will help individuals born with Prader-Willi syndrome live a meaningful and productive life and pursue their hopes and dreams to the full extent of their talents and capabilities. Price includes shipping.
  • *Shipping available for U.S only. New in 2015, this DVD provides strategies to avoid, reduce and manage unwanted behaviors frequently associated with PWS. Parents of the toddler or young child will learn how to create a foundation that encourages cooperative interactions throughout the lifetime. Parents and care providers of the older child, teen, or adult will learn strategies to improve the flow of the day and everyone’s quality of life. Total run time 3 hours.
  • This DVD is a taping of California’s 2011 mini-conference for parents, care providers, extended family members, and professionals who live or work with a child or adult with Prader-Willi syndrome. Features PWS specialist Janice Forster, M.D. who helps answer the questions, “Why people with Prader-Willi syndrome do what they do, and what can we do about it.” Total run time 2 hours.
  • *Shipping available for U.S only. Provides teachers with an introduction and overview of the issues associated with PWS and demonstrates and describes pragmatic strategies that school staff can use to support the success of a student with PWS in their classroom. Viewers have the choice to watch successful strategies for upper grades or for lower grades. An essential tool for all educators and related services staff.


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