Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the wildfires in California. We wanted to share some helpful tips and information for maintaining your exercise routine while the air quality is so poor outside.

Below is an excerpt from the full write up. If you would like to read the complete article, click here.

“The wildfire smoke can irritate eyes, nose, throat and lungs and make it hard to breathe. The most effective way to protect ourselves and those with PWS from this is to limit time outdoors and reduce physical activity outdoors. This is if you are in an area with reduced quality air (unhealthy air quality index). To reduce exposure the major two recommendations include: limit the time of exposure by going outside for shorter periods of time (shorter walks for example), and avoid activities that are of moderate or high intensity (like jogging, running, cycling, swimming) when outside. Also avoid being outside during times where there are more pollutants in the air (such as when there is more car traffic), because those add to the pollutants contributed by the wildfires.”