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California is a great state with various programs

for individuals with special needs, but what are they?

The webinar will be addressing three topics:

Special Needs Planning and Conservatorship, and Benefits

Why do you need to plan to protect Government benefits like SSI and Medi-Cal and others?

Special Needs Planning

  • What is a Special Needs trust and how will it benefit my Prader-Willi family member?
  • How does a Special Needs trust integrate with the Family Estate Plan?
  • What are the steps to set up a Special Needs Trust?
  • How do I fund and administer a Special Needs Trust?



  • What is the difference between a General Conservatorship and a Limited Conservatorship?  What is the process for establishing a Conservatorship?
  • Do I need a Conservatorship? Are there alternatives?

California has far better benefits for our Special Needs family members than any
other state. However, many of these benefits are not known.


We will do a fast paced review of the various benefit programs.

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