Prepare yourself for the rest of the school year with an exclusive members-only presentation by Lisa Graziano, M.A., LMFT.

PWCF is here to support and empower you as you parent your child during the school-age years. Below is a Quick Guide to learning more about areas of particular interest for parenting the school-age child.


Back to School Prep Video – 23 minutes
Back to School Prep PowerPoint Handout
Behavior – Empathy is a Powerful Intervention
Behavior – Table of Neuro Symptoms and Interventions
Brochure – Education & Training Services
Brochure – Synopsis
Education – 1 to 1 Support for the Student with PWS
Education – Food in Classroom PWSA
Education – Food is Never OK in the Classroom
Education – Food Security in School
Education – Health Concerns for the Student
Education – Homework
Education – IEP Checklist from Wrightslaw
Education – Info for School Staff
Education – Other Resources to Help Navigate the Educational System
Education – SCDD Educational Resources
Evaluation Form – Back to School Prep Video
Medical Alerts Booklet 2022
Medical Overview for School Nurses
Physician’s Note Symptom & Treatment Checklist

Behavior Management
Dental Problems in Children and Adults 
Collaborative Problem Solving with Ross Greene, PhD
Conservatorship Info To Do at Age 17 1⁄2
Dental and Oral Hygiene