Lisa Graziano, M.A., LMFT brings you an in-depth look at managing PWS behaviors through a 7-part webinar series.

One price includes all 7 training sessions! Each session is 1-hour long and has a different focus.

Purchasing this training includes handouts and a downloadable recording for each session.

Session focuses are listed below:

Session 1: It All Begins with Food Security, Anchoring Your Self and Empathy
Session 2: Manage Oppositionalism and Avoid Defiant Behavior
Session 3: Create an Anxiety-Free Environment
Session 4: Reduce Food Stealing and Weight Gain
Session 5: Why Can’t He Just Admit a Mistake?
Session 6: Manage Obsessions and Reduce Picking Behavior
Session 7: Manage Impulsivity, Non-Food Theft, Confabulating and Lying