PWS Support Contacts and Groups

PWCF encourages you to connect with and learn from other family members to the extent you feel comfortable. PWCF hosts in-person support and sharing groups that meet regularly in various cities in California. The national PWSA (USA) hosts online support and sharing groups that connect you to families all over the world. Whatever support option best fits you and your family, you never need to feel alone.

Northern California

San Francisco Bay Area

For Families of the Younger Child

2019 Support Group Meetings

Patti McRae

San Francisco Bay Area

For Families of Teens & Adults

2019 Support Group Meetings

Michelle Donaldson

Sacramento Area

For Families of the Child or Adult

2019 Support Group Meetings

Diane Kavrell

Central California

For Families of Teens & Adults

Paula Watney

Southern California

Los Angeles County

Lisa Graziano, M.A., LMFT

2019 Support Group Meetings

Separate meetings for families of the Younger Child and families of the Older Child, Teen & Adult

Orange County

Jenn Paige Casteel

San Bernardino County

For Families of the Young & Older Child: Daniel Shea

For Families of Teens & Adults: Ester Del Real

Spanish Speaking

For Families of the Young Child

Hilda Hernandez

For Families of the Teen

Kilma Bournigal | 760-679-2300

Veronica Garcia | 760-460-1769

For Families of the Adult

Mercedes Gutierrez

Online Support

If you can’t attend an in-person Support & Sharing Group or if you’d like to receive even more information and support, PWCF encourages you to join a PWSA (USA) Online Support Group.

PWSA (USA) Birth to Three

PWSA (USA) Three to Five

PWSA (USA) Six to Twelve

PWSA (USA) Parents of Teens and Up


PWSA (USA) Grandparents

Download PWSA Support Groups Flyer 

Information in Other Languages

Information in other languages is available from the International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation (IPWSO)