School Age Years

This section will focus on the needs of the school age child. Your child has already made so much progress in the last several years and will continue to progress during the school years. Just as in the younger years, it may take your child longer to accomplish some things and some skills may always remain difficult, but with the proper supports at home and school your child can continue to thrive.

As you know, PWS is a rare medical disorder. This means that very few, if any, of your child’s school staff will know anything about PWS, how PWS can impact your child in the school setting, and how to help your child be more successful in the school environment.

When you ask the school to provide your child with specific supports or services you will need to show or prove that what you are asking for is necessary in order for your child to benefit from their educational environment and therefore receive the free appropriate public education (FAPE). Most often, schools regard written documentation received from a physician as the most appropriate form of “proof.”

The Physicians Note Symptom & Treatment Checklist is a new tool developed by PWCF to help you meet your school district’s documentation Symptom & Treatment Checklist requirements, particularly in preparation of your Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting. The Physician’s Note is to be completed by you and one of your child’s physicians, most likely your child’s endocrinologist but it can be completed by any physician. It can be used to document a host of ways the school can support your child in the school setting including, some of which are outlined in this Important Letter to All School Age Parents.

It may be helpful to share the Physician’s Note at your child’s next Regional Center Individual and Family Support Plan and include it as part of the IFSP.

Prader-Willi California Foundation is here to help. We can provide you with additional information to provide to your child’s school or provide training to your child’s school staff.

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