For Family & Friends: How to Help

Your willingness to visit this website and read this information is a huge step in helping your friend/relative. We assure you it is greatly appreciated. One of the most important ways you can be supportive is to keep in mind that your loved one is living with Prader-Willi syndrome everyday and that while PWS may share similiarities to other syndromes it is a very unique and all encompassing syndrome; listening to them and educating yourself about the syndrome are much more helpful than anything else you can do. We’ve provided some brief tips in three main areas, so please explore the links to the left, and again we thank you for taking the time to learn more about PWS so you can be a valuable part of your loved one’s support network.

Make Connections

PWCF maintains online and in-person Support Groups for parents and professionals. Friends and family are welcome too.

PWSA (USA) maintains several Facebook support groups.