Community Partner Programs

Sign up for the Amazon Smile program and every time you purchase eligible products you can help PWCF – just use this link to shop:

Sign up for eScrip which encompasses three ways to support PWCF





1) Sign-up and register your reward cards, credit cards and debit cards then whenever you shop at participating merchants a portion of your purchase amount will be given to PWCF

  • Visit to sign up
  • Click on “about the program” along the top then click on “sign-up”
  • Search for Prader-Willi California Foundation or enter group ID# 500042750
  • Once our name appears you can select it and then continue your enrollment
  • Once your cards are registered a portion of purchases made at participating merchants will automatically be donated to PWCF


2) Shop at the eScrip online mall

  • Once you set up your eScrip account you can shop lots of merchants including amazon right from your personal eScrip page or install the AutoEarn program to make sure participating online merchants are redirected to your eScrip page to ensure a portion of your purchase is donated to PWCF
  • Alternatively you can shop through this link:


3) Participate in eScrip Dining by Rewards Network

  • Once you enroll in the eScrip program and register your cards, a portion of purchases made at participating restart aunts will be automatically donated to PWCF


Note: Safeway/Vons limit their contributions to K-12 schools therefore PWCF is not eligible to receive donations for purchases made at their stores; however purchases at all other participating merchants are eligible.

If you search the web (and who doesn’t?), you can use instead of Google or yahoo and every time you click search it’s a penny earned for PWCF.  To get started go to and click on “sign up” in the upper right hand corner and follow the directions to get started.

Help Ralphs support PWCF by registering your Ralphs Reward Card online in the Community Contribution Program.  Once you register, every time you shop for groceries with your Ralph’s Reward Card, a donation will automatically be made to PWCF at no additional cost to you! You must re-register every year; the new year starts on September 1st, so even if you registered before you need to re-sign up each year:


Go to and click on “Sign In” on the far right side.
Existing Customers

  1. If you already have an account you can log-in, then click on “Welcome Valued Customer”, then “My Account”
  2. Once in your account, scroll down to the Community Rewards section and designate Prader-Willi California Foundation – Organization #93694

New Enrollment

  1. Click on “Register” on the far right
  2. Follow the directions to create and an account and then designate Prader-Willi California Foundation (Organization #93694) after you have confirmed your account.


Provide your rewards card (or linked phone number) every time you shop and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to PWCF

For more information about the program click here

Do you have a car you’re not using anymore?  Donate it to PWCF!  You get a tax deduction and we get the value of the car.  Get started by clicking here.

Make Connections

PWCF maintains online and in-person Support Groups for parents and professionals.

PWSA (USA) maintains several Facebook support groups.

Explore these easy ways to support PWCF through your normal activities.