Brochures: Various brochures about PWS for families and professionals


PWCF maintains a library of helpful brochures about PWS that summarize various symptoms as well as their treatments, interventions, and management strategies. Brochures are written for parents, extended family and friends, and professionals including physicians, therapists, teachers, residential providers, and day program and work site providers. Single copies are free; just click and print. To purchase multiple copies, please contact us at or 310-372-5053.

Overview of PWS for Families

Overview of PWS for Professionals and the Public

Core Therapies for the Child with PWS

Education and Training Services from PWCF

Food Security in the School Setting

Food Security in the Work Setting

How to Read Food Labels

Nutrition and Activity Guidelines

Overview of Food and Behavior Management

Someone You Know Has PWS: How Can You Help?

Speech and Language Therapy for the Individual with PWS

Synopsis of PWS


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