Birth To Five Years

This section will focus on the needs of the young child. There are so many changes that take place during the first several years of a child’s life and that doesn’t change just because your child has Prader-Willi syndrome. While easier said than done, it is important to try not to compare your child to the standard measures of what a child “should” be doing at any given stage of development. Children with PWS are typically delayed achieving their milestones, but with therapy these skills will come in time. Parents of a child with PWS learn to celebrate each milestone, big or small, and gain a true appreciation of the hard work that goes into mastering each new skill. Explore the links above for more information on the topics that are relevant to these young years.

Make Connections

PWCF maintains online and in-person Support Groups for parents and professionals.

PWSA (USA) maintains several Facebook support groups.